Timber Garages Abbey Dore

Timber Garages Abbey Dore

Our journey begins hundreds of miles away in the Redwood forests of Scandinavia in Northern Europe. From the smallest of saplings grow the tallest of trees and this very wood will one day be transformed into a summer house or gazebo, stables or garage and will become a part of the family home. Timber World Products based in the heart of Herefordshire are experts in timber craft and construction with a passion for bespoke design. The team at Timber World Products have been serving the people of Herefordshire and beyond for many years and examples of our work can be found scattered across the county and indeed the country. Each family home and garden are different with their own unique requirements and for this reason Timber World Products make it a priority to serve each client on the basis of their personal specifications.

Are you considering investing in a timber summer house or gazebo or perhaps your property would benefit from timber garages? Abbey Dore in Herefordshire is a beautiful part of the country and it’s rural setting provides a most suitable backdrop for the timeless rustic appeal as well as the eco friendly properties of timber structures. For examples of our products, we invite you to visit our website where you will find various photographs in our gallery to give you an idea of the kind of structures and possibilities available to you.

What might be some benefits of timber products including timber garages? Abbey Dore in Herefordshire enjoys beautiful countryside and is a reminder of the importance of preserving the natural landscape and environment in which we are fortunate to live. Timber products including timber garages serve to enhance the landscape without harming the environment. Of course, naturally, one may wonder whether a timber garage really is preferential over that of a traditional metal structure? Happily, all of our timber is pressure treated which serves to ensure a minimum protection of 15 years. Indeed, durability is extremely important and we therefore use only the highest quality materials throughout all of our construction processes.

Are you a one car or two car family? Are you a business, public service or other community based facility? Whatever the size of your home or business, Timber World Products will be happy to discuss your particular needs. Abbey Dore customers will testify to the quality of our products. Timber garages can be constructed with garage doors at either end of the structure itself, enabling easy entry and exit. Garages can be built into small or difficult spaces and there is a selection of roofing available according to your budget and other requirements. Timber World Products offer a home visit service where we can discuss together on site, what kind of garage or other timber structure you feel would be best for you. Please call us to discuss more about timber garages. Abbey Dore based Timber World Products have a wealth of experience in timber construction that we look forward to sharing with you.

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