Timber Buildings Abbey Dore

Timber Buildings Abbey Dore

Timber is a much loved natural resource used in construction around the world for a variety of reasons. Some of these include sustainability, low production energy, a good store for carbon, great insulation and energy efficient. In fact sustainable timber has the lowest embodied energy of any general building material particularly that of steel, concrete and aluminium. These are just some of the reasons why the team at timber world products are so passionate about our custom built timber structures which include garden sheds, summer houses, gazebos, garages, carports, workshops and many other kinds of timber buildings. Abbey Dore is surrounded by the beautiful counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire. Timber World Products are happy to provide our services to residents across these counties but also supply nationwide.

There are almost endless possibilities in terms of the style and character we can build into one of our timber buildings. Abbey Dore customers are of great importance to us and we make it our aim to provide a service that will ensure you feel completely stress free, happy and satisfied. There are a variety of roofing options available and our website outlines details of these. For example onduline is available in a range of colours. Felt shingles, which is a heavy duty felt giving the appearance of slate however at an affordable rate. Cedar shingles are lightweight and extremely durable, offer excellent value for money and provide a quality finish full of character. If you would like to opt for slate or tiles on your roof then while we do not fit slate or tiles ourselves we can easily build up to rafter level for the third party following us to slate or tile the roof. Metal sheeting in a variety of colours and patterns it also an option that many choose for the roof of their timber buildings. Abbey Dore is full of character and variety and the timber buildings crafted and constructed by Timber World Products aims to enhance the local style and character of the area.

We have entered an age where working from home and finding that ideal work life balance have become and are continuing to become the new norm. If you find yourself needing or wanting to work from home perhaps more than you have done so in previous years you may feel that the only real obstacle is a lack of space, peace or privacy. Maybe you could consider a timber workshop or office that Timber World Products can craft to your bespoke needs. This could be a far more cost effective and less complicated solution then perhaps considering an extension or house move in order to facilitate your WFM needs.

Whatever your ideas or thoughts surrounding timber buildings we would be very happy to discuss these with you and work together to create a solution. Please visit our website to see examples of our many timber buildings. Abbey Dore based company, Timber World Products look forward to working with you.

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