Timber Stables Abbey Dore

Timber Stables Abbey Dore

Horse lovers will know that these most intelligence and beautiful of creatures deserve the absolute best of care, attention and love. Hugely sensitive and emotionally intelligent these remarkable animals can prove to be eternally loyal to those that treat them kindly and with knowledge. A well constructed and well maintained stables are crucial to the health of your horse. Stables that are dark, mouldy, wet or too small can cause horses to suffer various ailments and can negatively impact their emotions. Timber World Products take pride in our construction of timber stables of the highest quality taking into account the special needs of your horse or horses, as well as the unique requirements of you as the home and stables owner.

Using only the highest quality Scandinavian redwood timber, all of our materials are sourced based on quality, whilst being mindful of value for money. Whatever the size of your paddock, whether you own one small pony or are planning to start a riding school, Timber World Products will be able to design and construct just what you’re looking for in the way of Timber Stables. Abbey Dore in Herefordshire is home to many beautiful horses and stables. It’s a joy to meander through the lanes and winding roads throughout the area and observe these gentle yet powerful creatures grazing in the fields. If you are considering options available to you in terms of constructing timber stables at your property why not consider the bespoke service provided by Timber World Products near Abbey Dore. As you will see from our gallery of images on our website, there is a certain natural beauty and appeal to timber stables. Abbey Dore in Herefordshire is a beautiful rural area and timber stables blend effortlessly into the natural environment. They are durable, classic, practical, bespoke, and most importantly make an ideal living space for your horses.

Are you considering constructing timber stables? Abbey Dore based Timber World Products would love to hear from you where we will be happy to discuss what you may have in mind and will be happy to answer any questions. Whilst the option for untreated wood is available upon request, we generally pressure treat all of our wood products ensuring a minimum of 15 years durability without the quality or appearance being compromised. Wood is a wonderful natural resource with remarkable properties that serve too make an ideal living space for horses. For example wood is an excellent insulator helping to make a warm and comfortable home during the colder months. Even the smell of wooden structures can have a calming effect. We can construct your timber stables with as many doors and windows as you might wish for. This will ensure enough light, fresh air and ease of access for both horse and human.

Timber World Products will be happy to hear from you and will do our best to advise with regards to our timber stables. Abbey Dore is a beautiful area and we are proud to serve its residents and the wider community.


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