Custom Timber Buildings Herefordshire

Timberworld Products builds quality timber buildings and specialises in bespoke fabrications constructed to your needs while incorporating your designs. If custom timber buildings Herefordshire are what you need, then you should look no further than our Home page.

Whether it’s carports, stables, or garages, we will work closely with you to ensure you receive the product of your dreams. When you choose Timberworld Products, you know you’re getting the highest-quality custom timber buildings in Herefordshire because they’re built to industry standards.

Not only that, but we use our extensive experience to spot problems before they occur and solve them on the spot. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big job, like a workshop or office, or a small one, like a shed - you can rely on us to deliver.
Our Custom Timber Buildings Herefordshire Services

We believe in creating a customer experience that’s unrivalled in Herefordshire and the surrounding areas. So, that’s why we offer a variety of solutions. Continue reading to find out the types of custom timber buildings in Herefordshire that you can get from us today.

A garage is a fantastic addition to your property because it keeps one of your biggest assets safe and off the road. Still, it shouldn’t be an eyesore. A garage can add lots of value to a home, which is why a timber garage is an excellent option.

With our help, you can craft a bespoke storage unit that uses wood to stand out from the crowd.

There aren’t any jobs too big for our Timberworld Products team! Not only do timber offices and workshops look stunning, but they also have work conditions benefits. Did you know that timber blocks cold air and doesn’t conduct heat? As a result, it’s the best material for maintaining a moderate temperature regardless of the season.

Check out our Gallery to see how we can build a timber office for you that’s stylish and substantial.

A horse isn’t a car - it’s a living animal. As such, it needs a home fit for a majestic animal that you love and care for very much. Whether you want a single loose box or full stable boxes, our stables are British Horse Society standards. That means you can rely on Timberworld Products to provide a cosy home for your horse.

As well as being light, draught-free, and airy, we ensure your stable is secure so that your horse can’t break free.
Why Choose Timberworld Products?

It’s because of our dedication and willingness to provide our customers with high-quality custom timber building Herefordshire solutions. As well as a bespoke service, allowing you to choose a tailor-made, wooden building, we pressure-treat all of our wood. This means the Scandinavian redwood trees we use will survive in the toughest of environments and provide protection for 15 years.

Also, we take the environment seriously. The trees we use are from managed forests to help negate the side-effects of logging, while the wood itself is an excellent absorber of carbon.

Contact us now for a quality, eco-friendly custom timber building in Herefordshire that is affordable.

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