Custom Timber Buildings Leominster

Are you looking for a producer of custom timber buildings Leominster clients can trust? Welcome to Timberworld Products. We specialise in producing a variety of different timber buildings for businesses all over Hertfordshire and throughout the surrounding areas. We have constructed buildings for business owners and private clients alike in need of a durable, high-quality solution. You’ll be amazed at what we can do for you. 

Every Timber Building For Every Need

What type of timber building do you desire? Over the years, we have constructed every type of timber building imaginable from wooden sheds, to stables and even carports. Tell us what you need, and we will create the design from scratch, before building out of the best high-quality materials. 

Our designs look stunning and will be the perfect fit for any business, home garden or driveway. We make sure that each client gets exactly what they want or need from our products. We create new custom timber buildings Leominster residents can be proud to own. 

Completely Customise Your Design 

Do you have a specific idea in mind for your timber building? We can create it for you with every decision in your hands. You might want a specific type of roof. Choose from a range of materials such as metal sheeting, slate/tiles, felt shingles, cedar shingles and many more. Or, you might need windows in your new timber garage. We can certainly provide for this possibility and supply the materials you need with options such as unglazed, single glazed or double glazed all possibilities. 

Various extras can also be arranged. If you’re building a shed, we can provide a beautiful porch as part of the design that will be perfect as part of your garden. Ultimately with our service, you can get the ultimate design that you want for your new timber building. 

Our Guarantee

We only use the best materials to create all the custom timber buildings Leominster clients can buy. That’s why we use Scandinavian redwood supplied from managed forests. Using this material ensures that our custom timber buildings look absolutely fantastic. Since all our timber is pressure impregnated, we can guarantee full protection for at least fifteen years. Although, if you wish the wood for your buildng to be untreated, this can be arranged. 

Our products are also designed to the highest possible standard and go through a number of quality checks. With years of experience on the market providing the best timber buildings, we will never deliver an inferior product. Our number one priority is making sure that you get the timber building you deserve. 

Find Out More Today

Whether you want a new garage, stable, shed or carport, contact us today, and we will be happy to assist you. We can discuss the type of design that you want and make your ultimate custom timber building an exciting reality. You can see the full specifications that we offer for each type of design on our full website. Don’t settle for less, we’ll give you the best timber building money can buy. 

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