Roofing Options

 We offer a variety of roofing options to suit each building, and budget.


 Onduline® available in a range of colours (see our link page for further details).

Felt shingles,

Not to be confused with inferrior shed felt. This is a heavy duty felt that gives the appearance of slates, but at a much more affordable budget. 

Cedar Shingles,

Very high qualtiy Cedar Shingles give a fantastic finish to any building. light weight and with a long life, they offer great value for money, as well as adding a little extra charactor.


Although we do not fit slate/tiles ourselves we can offer an option to build up to rafter level for third person to felt, batten and slate/tile.

Metal Sheeting

we are able to offer various styles of metal sheet roofs. Different colours and patterns.

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