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Are you looking for high-quality timber garages in Leominster and Herefordshire? Here at Timberworld Products, we specialise in wooden garages that are crafted with quality in mind. When you choose us, we guarantee that you receive a service that centres around the latest building methods and standards.

We also offer a wide variety of designs for the sake of our customers. Whether you want a standard timber garage or a bespoke one, you can work with our team and find what you need in no time.

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Why Choose Wood?

The obvious question is, why should you pick wood over more popular materials. Typically, garages incorporate metal alloys to ensure they’re durable and long-lasting.

Well, there’s no reason to worry about durability because timber is one of nature’s most robust materials. Now, there is even a form of wood that is three times denser and ten times stronger than steel! All you need to do is coat it in a weather-protector or use a stain to shield it from the elements and your timber garage will last forever.

Of course, home renovation isn’t always about practicality. As a homeowner, you want to add kerb appeal, too, and timber does just that. Wood is a beautiful resource that stands out from the rest of the metal garages. With our timber garages Leominster solutions, there’s no doubt you’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood. Your home should increase in value, too.
Eco-friendly Properties

Are you still finding it hard to choose between wood and other materials? If you are, remember that timber is from the earth and is an environmentally-friendly product. With a timber garage, you won’t have to fret about your carbon footprint. Not only does it take less energy to erect a wooden building, but the wood itself soaks up CO2 in the atmosphere.

To offset the sourcing of timber in the first place, you can easily plant new trees and contribute to carbon offsetting strategies. Sustainability is a major part of peoples’ lives, and wood provides an answer for those who care about saving the planet.
What Can You Use It For?

Everything you would use a regular garage for! If anything, timber garages are more effective at storing cars or turning into an extra room because wood is breathable. As a result, it maintains an ideal humidity that prevents condensation from occurring, which in turn negates rusting.

Also, the breathable nature of timber makes it an excellent insulator. Thanks to naturally-occurring air pockets, wood doesn’t conduct heat or let cold air pass through freely. Therefore, the temperature provides perfect living conditions for homeowners who want to use their garage as a bedroom.

Whether your garage is going to be a storage facility or a cosy addition to your home, timber is the best material for the job.
Timberworld Products

At Timberworld Products, we have the skills and extensive experience to ensure you get the best possible timber garages Leominster services. Contact us now to find out how we can revolutionise your property.

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